Arborist Services

Arborist Services

Fort Worth Tree Service uses only highly qualified and certified Arborist to care for the various Tree and Shrubbery needs you may require. These are top-notch, skilled professionals specializing in Arboriculture. This scope of his field is extremely extensive. Our Arborists are well-versed in studying trees, shrubs, vines, and some other woody perennial plant life. Foresters and loggers are significantly different professions, generally working in forests where the Arborist usually focuses on the growth, care, and maintenance of individual trees and shrubs.

An Arborist work takes him literally to the treetops to ascertain problems, trim and shape trees, or remove them when necessary. Other skills our FT Worth Arborist have perfected include, but are not limited to:
  • Certified Arborist FT Worth
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Transplanting
  • Trimming, Pruning, & Tree Shaping
  • Tree Removal Services
  • Cabling and other methods of Tree Support
  • Diagnosis of Tree Diseases
  • Treatment and Preventative measures against Insects
  • Clearing unwanted, invasive vegetation
  • Installing Lightning Protection
  • Operation of Lifts, Cranes, and heavy equipment where needed
  • Emergency Services
  • Bio-Root Barrier Installation
  • Lot Clearing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Analysis & Aeration
  • Root Collar Excavation
The scope of services Fort Worth Tree Service Arborists and Certified Tree Care workmen are able to bring to your property, and the excellence with which we perform every minute aspect of our work, is one of the many reasons we have become the Tree Care service of so many satisfied, repeat clients.

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Fort Worth Tree Service is equally ready to bring our best to Commercial and Residential establishments. We take on whatever tasks you require: Large, small, complicated, dangerous-you have entrusted your invaluable trees and property to a  company dedicated and full of zeal for their fascinating work which is so very vital to a healthy environment for all of us!

While we are justifiably proud of Fort Worth Tree Service, we are possibly new to You! We encourage you to ask questions until you fully understand the procedures that will be taking place. A reputable Arborist will only perform acceptable, safe, and high-quality services.  References are available for your your added peace of mind. Be sure you have questions such as these clear in your mind:

When will work start and end?
Who is responsible for clean-up?
Get the total price
Ask for prices of any extra services you desire.

Our prices are very affordable and fair-we keep in mind must families are on a budget in today's economy! A characteristic of our Arborists and Certified Tree Care workers is their dedication and passion for their chosen career. After all, when trees flourish, so does our environment, and, in turn, so do families. Fort Worth Tree Service is eager to get started on improving, creating, and/or healing any and all of Your property needs. Whether you call or contact us via email, include information of the type problem that might be occurring, or ideas you may have for just giving your outdoor space fresh appeal. Call Today to schedule your Free Quote! Thank You.

Certified arborist in Fort Worth Texas

(817) 500-9236

Gauging depth to fertilize

Noting symptoms of an ailing tree. 
Trimming for safety purposes can include large, storm-damaged branches.

Fort Worth Tree Service Arborists possess ISA Certification.
Our Company complies fully with all Health & Safety Regulations-even more than required. Of course, Fort Worth Tree Service carries insurance coverage


Individual pages throughout our site will acquaint you with the varying facets of Tree Care and Maintenance.
Our outdoor surroundings are a real complement to the beauty and comfort of home. Studies conducted have proven that homes with well-kept, healthy trees are significantly less likely to be targeted by burglars! The reasoning is if the homeowner takes such protection  outdoors, it's a given that the precious indoor contents are even more protected! Forth Worth Tree Service-beautifying Texas homes one tree at a time!
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