Dead Tree Removal

A tree that is dead or dying needs to be removed as soon as possible for the safety of your family and all who visit your home or business. Fort Worth Tree Service can remove dangerous trees efficiently and swiftly, guaranteed to be done at a price that fits within your budget. Our Arborists and Certified Tree Care teams have been in this business for many years and have a record of safe, quality workmanship. We can assist you with any necessary tree cutting or removal functions and are eager to have You as a new client.
Dead, diseased trees are more likely to fall and/or have heavy branches break off. A tree in this condition is very unpredictable. Fort Worth Tree Service will promptly respond to your call and have live operators 24/7 for your convenience and for Emergency situations.

Fort Worth Tree Service is of course fully insured and accredited. Safety of your home or business and our skilled Arborist and crew is always Job#1!

The Arborist on your jobsite will be able to determine which method of Tree Removal will be employed. Depending on circumstances that vary with every tree situation, he will determine if heavy equipment is needed or not.  If the crew can safely remove your dead or diseased tree without bucket trucks or cranes, naturally this course is the least dangerous and thus will be reflected in your total price.
As in an Emergency scenario, the condition of the tree, if it can be climbed, what its proximity is to other trees or structures, all bear on the type of removal that will be the safest and most prudent course. More precarious situations that involve this extra equipment will  raise the price, but we feel confident you will be pleased with the overall budget-friendly price for the highest level of quality work that we bring to every job-large or small.
Fort Worth Tree Service is proud of our impeccable reputation and we feel that after you have seen our work, we will become your tree care service for the life of your trees!
thank you!
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