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Our sincere wish for all our current and perspective clients is that we Never
get a call from you due to a disaster of any sort. Realistically, given the area we live in, especially weather-related emergencies do occur-often leaving vast destruction in their wake. If you ever need an emergency tree removal Fort Worth company, we hope it will be reassuring to you that the company restoring your property cares about your plight. We excel at quickly,  efficiently, and, above all, safely, providing the assistance you require.
Fort Worth Emergency Tree Services
understands that the very nature of an emergency means they usually occur at an unexpected time. This is precisely why we can assemble our Emergency crews in very short order. When you call us in an Emergency situation, Live Operators will take the necessary and have a staff of Arborists and Certified Tree Care workers there promptly.

Emergency Tree Removal Fort Worth TX

Upon arrival, our Teams will first ensure you and your family are safe and the environment is stable-for example, there is no imminent risk of a roof collapsing. Afterwards, a thorough assessment is done to determine the damage extent, the condition of the branches and/or trees needing Removal, how much time will be required to do the job properly, and the costs involved. Your approval and understanding is obtained before any work commences. We do this in order for you to completely understand the steps involved, timing, and price.
Emergency Tree Removal carried out by our Arborists and Certified Tree Workers is quite dangerous, by far the most perilous form of Tree Work. Therefore, the exacting, precarious work done on property involving damage such as pictured here, must reflect a higher cost.
There are also the added elements of

  • Is the tree needing removed able to be climbed?
  • What is the proximity to other trees and structures?
  • How large is the tree(s)?

These are only a very few of the conditions that may impact working conditions. Of course, at Forth Worth Emergency Tree Care Servicesthe safety of our Teams is of utmost concern. All safety equipment is worn at all times and a safety superintendent is always present. If threatening, unstable conditions exist which make the tree too difficult to reach, bucket trucks and cranes will be used for the sake of safety and proficiency. Therefore, time and costs can only be given after this assessment. There can be no "one price fits all" since the situations vary completely from one site to the next.
Even so, we feel confident you will find our pricing reasonable and affordable in view of the level of experience and quality work we bring to each and every job-as countless other clients have through our decades in the Tree Care industry. With our easy-to-understand contract, there are no unpleasant surprises later. You have endured enough already!
Fort Worth Emergency Tree Care Services carries all required insurance documents and credentials. We provide numerous endorsements from satisfied, repeat clients. It is our belief you will feel the same way after experiencing the professionalism and care of every member of our Teams, the affordability of our costs,and the courteous, respectful conduct of each member associated with Fort Worth Emergency Tree Care Service!

Fort Worth Emergency Tree Service is a full-service tree care company. We provide many services that can actually improve your trees' ability to withstand the strong, sustained winds of a violent storm. Some of these services are Pruning, Trimming, and Thinning branches. These procedures correctly done will remove any weak, broken branches, thin areas of heavy branches so wind is better able to blow through, not against them, and help trees endure directional wind shifts as well.

Cabling is extremely useful to keep heavy limbs and branches of mature trees intact during stormy seasons.Strong cabling support enables these limbs to resist breaking in heavy rains and blustering winds. Again, an ounce of prevention can be a wonderful thing when used in fortifying our trees!

Fort Wort Tree Service

Frequent scenes such as these occur in our area of the country. Hurricane season and the storms and tornadoes they spawn are a yearly concern.

Fort Worth Emergency Tree Services takes every possible precaution to ensure you and your family, our workers, and your property are kept safe through the restoration process.


Safety Superintendent double-checking on a Team Member. We strictly conform to all Health and Safety Regulations.

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