Lot & Land Clearing

Do you have need of a very efficient, thorough, and affordable Lot & Land Clearing Service? Perhaps you have purchased property and want the "wilderness" look removed so you can build or whatever plans you have for the land. Or maybe your property took a beating in a recent storm and suffered damages and felled trees, broken branches and limbs, or other damage? Whatever the case may be, Fort Worth Tree Service & Lot and Land Clearing is the answer to get your property in the condition you desire. We perform all our work in a timely and affordable manner which has helped earn the trust of our thousands of Commercial and Residential clients through the years. We have assisted many of these clients from the initial clearing of  a lot to the final bag of mulch spread on a magnificent Landscaping theme!
Fort Worth Tree Service Arborists and Certified Tree Care Workers can also do a Soil Analysis at this time by testing samples of your soil to see what types of nutrients it has plenty of and which may be lacking. This is very pertinent to having healthy foliage and some tree and shrubbery need more of certain nutrients than others. All information necessary to give your home or business the healthiest specimens of trees will be gained after the soil analysis. 
Your cleared, cleaned-up, debris-free lot will be similar to a blank canvas. Fort Worth Tree Service Arborists can now give expert advice on how to complement your land with Trees and shrubbery that will display everything at its healthiest and most beautiful! Trees and other landscaping add considerable value-15-20% or more to your property and make your place of business or home very welcoming to clients and friends. Fort Worth Tree Service will do the heavy clearing and land cleanup at a great affordable price and in a very timely manner.

Make the most of your property and land with Forth Worth Tree Service. Your Residence or Commercial business will be in the best hands available with our Arborists and Certified workers. Call Now to schedule your Free Quote from the most dedicated Company in the Tree Care business. Don't entrust your valuable Trees and property to a lesser crew. Forth Worth Tree Service is here-beautifying Texas one home at a time! Thank you!

Fort Worth Tree Service
Our area of Texas has seen widespread flooding and storm damage lately. In fact, the South Texas climate usually guarantees some wild weather every spring, summer, and Fall, with the Hurricane season. Fort Worth Tree Service has teams so well trained in storm cleanup, it's down to a science!

Will you want the stumps ground and removed? During your Free Assessment and Quote, inform the Arborist of all the services you desire.

Clients often desire some of the cleared wood cut and saved for firewood for those famous Texas barbeques and cookouts. This also can be done during your Lot clearing.
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