Pruning Trees & Shrubs

Fort Worth Tree Service also provides the same quality and service for your shrubbery as we do for your trees. In fact, we offer a full menu of property
services -from Tree Care to Lot Clearing and Landscaping.  There are similar reasons for Pruning both Trees and Shrubbery. They consist mainly of Health reasons-Pruned trees and shrubs discourage insect invasions and diseases because all unnecessary, unhealthy, broken, etc. branches and limbs are removed-allowing all nutrients and water to concentrate on the healthy branches. Aesthetics is another main reason for pruning. Typically, trees or shrubs allowed to grow unrestrained are not as beautiful or healthy as graceful, maintained shapes of cared-for foliage. Also, trimming, (most especially of trees, avoids the issue of your branches overtaking a neighbor's space and landscaping.  Safety, of course is an important feature of keeping trees and shrubs pruned. Again, particularly with trees, broken, overlarge, damaged branches are a real threat of injury or property damage to family, friends, or neighbors. Be a good, considerate neighbor-use Fort Worth Tree & Shrub Pruning and Trimming to maintain Your trees and shrubs. It's affordable, practical, and will save you time and worry.
Pictured on your right, one of our Certified Tree Care workers makes decisions about Pruning. Through years of extensive study, they know which branches to safely prune to promote health, growth, and productivity of your Trees and Shrubbery.
Tree and Shrub Pruning is not just a matter of cutting away any branch, new growth, or sucker growths. Knowledge and understanding is required of all habits of each tree or shrub. This only comes through dedicated study and application over time. Our Fort Worth Tree Service Arborists and Certified Tree Care workers have done this studying and continue to learn and apply their knowledge. This dedication in a sense makes our Company like a healthy tree-always growing and improving-never getting in a rut or stunted!

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Fort Worth Tree Service has access to incredibly gorgeous and healthy trees and shrubbery in an amazing variety of sizes and colors. As mentioned above, we can supply you with the plants of your choice or take the best care available of the landscaping you possess now-or add to what you have.
Fort Worth Tree Service knows the correct procedures for coaxing the maximum performance from your trees and shrubs. What type of pruning cut to make is essential-there are two types generally used: heading and thinning. Where to make the cut, how much to take off, how the open cut needs to be treated in order to avoid damage,-all these decisions and more are involved in proper pruning. If you desire the most beautiful, most bountiful, most appealing landscape in your area, give us a call Today. We are ready and eager to assist your trees and shrubbery!
As with trees, shrubs come in a vast assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes. They generally grow in one of the following 3 ways: "Cane" habit, consisting of many branches straight up from the base. The "Mounding types-such as Spirea and Evergreen azaleas usually have soft stems that are very flexible, and have small leaves. The Tree-like shrub is the third most common habit of growth in shrubs. These shrubs have woodier,intricately divided branches.
Fort Worth Tree Service can provide the beautiful shrubbery you have in mind or deliver the ultimate care to shrubs you already have--new or mature!
Nandinas have "cane" growth patterns.
Witch hazel is an example of a "tree-like" shrub. The Chinese Fringe" pictured here is in the same family.
Spirea or "bridal wreath" has a "mounding" habit of growing.
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