Sick Tree Identification

Are you noticing ugly growths or insect mounds on our Trees?  Fort Wort Sick Tree Identification knows,that like every living thing, our trees require care and attention to thrive. Many of the nutrients and processes which enable a tree to be healthy were left behind in their natural habitat, the forest. Therefore, it devolves upon us to know What and Why your tree is having problems and then take care of it. The quicker the better. As is the case with many human sicknesses, when caught early, the chances of complete recovery are much higher. The same premise works on trees as well. Oftentimes, a sickly tree can be brought back to full, vibrant health with the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Fort Worth Tree Service have Arborists and Certified Tree Care Workers whose lives are dedicated to the study, curing, and prevention of many tree diseases and insect infestations.This knowledge encompasses all the species and types of Texas trees. Due to the fact that each different tree type is susceptible to its own diseases and insect attacks, our Arborists and Certified Tree Workers never stop  their intensive and extensive training and research! In fact, there are actually More threats from diseases and insects than there are types of trees!
Your choice of Fort Worth Tree Service is one you will be glad you made. There is such a deluge of companies advertising on the Internet. Fort Worth Tree Service is long-established, fully insured, and we have all licenses and credentials, and thousands of satisfied clients over the years. Whether you have one or two trees in a cozy backyard, or many wooded acres, are a Residence or a Commercial site, we are proud to service your property and show you how we live up to our unblemished reputation.
Trees have distinct symptoms they display when they are experiencing disease or insect invasion. Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • Mushroom fungi growing around the tree
  • Sawdust chips at the base or root area
  • Cracks around the limbs or tree base
  • Hollow or damaged-looking areas on the tree
  • Infected and discolored appearing leaves, branches, and roots
  • Dead limbs and broken tops
  • Obvious signs of disease, such as pictured here on the Oak This is advanced root rot.
  • Chewed-up, markings such as  on the Pine. This is actually a fungus type.

    Pine Bark Beetles have been a severe menace to Pine trees in recent years. The picture on the left is highly magnified, as they are only the size of a grain of rice, but their appetite is voracious These insects are  extremely populous and able to decimate entire forests of Pines in a matter of weeks!  Some alerts that Pine Beetles are present are:
  • Formations of yellowish-white pitch resembling popcorn
  • Reddish dust in bark crevices
  • A blue stain fungus from the adult beetle.

Of course, the treatment of Trees beforehand is always the best course of action. Fort Worth Tree Service has a wealth of treatment options for any tree ailment that will provide protection against root rot, blight, insect infestation, and other diseases. If the tree is able to be rescued, we can diagnose and provide treatment methods which will assist the trees to regain health and flourish. If a tree is absolutely too far gone, we can safely, affordably, and quickly remove it for you to prevent any possible damage to your home and property.

Calling Fort Worth Tree Service is the first step to obtaining the glorious, beautiful landscape you desire. We have Customer Service staff waiting 24/7 who are courteous and well-informed.  Remember, your Estimate is Free! Call Now to save your trees.

Fort Worth Tree Service

    Regular Fertilization, spraying, and other necessary care steps will save your Peach tree from developing problems such as pictured on your right.
    Let Fort Worth Tree Service save those peaches and other trees you have. The results of a vigorous, appealing yard is well worth it!

    These wooded, shredded-looking areas indicate this Pine needs help Now!
    Borers finishing off a Peach Tree!
    Ultra-magnified Pine Bark Beetles. Though only the size of a grain of rice, they attack by the thousands-decimating Pines in a matter of a few short weeks!
    Once glorious Oaks sadly infected by Oak Wilt disease.
    This Maple is in serious trouble from Rot!

    Save your trees and enjoy them through the seasons and the years!

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