Tree Care Maintenance

Regularly maintained and serviced trees make all the difference in the longevity and health of your trees. How much better is it in the long run to provide that "ounce of prevention" versus the inevitable "pound of cure?"
Forth Worth Tree Service recommends scheduled "checkups" by our Certified Arborists to assess the current state of your trees and make sure no threats are targeting them.  It is  much more effective to keep a tree sound, or nip a potential threat in the bud, than to try to undo a disease or insect infestation that is already spreading throughout your tree.
Many of our Commercial clients have a systematic, scheduled maintenance plan for their business property containing trees to ensure they are healthy, attractive, and safe. This is also an excellent plan for our Residential clients. They appreciate the peace of mind knowing everything is well with their landscaping and trees always are at their best.
Maintenance can include any necessary fertilization, trimming, thinning, pruning, or spraying. If anything is amiss with your trees, they can be diagnosed and handled immediately with regular oversight by
Fort Worth Tree Service.
Scheduled upkeep of your trees is very affordable and certainly more cost effective and safer than having diseased or dead trees on your property. Our other pages through this site explain in more detail all functions we perform, much of which is rectifying a problem. Make maintaining your trees a part of the care you provide toward all living things under your "Umbrella". You'll be glad you did!

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Keep your trees at their thriving best by regular maintenance by the dedicated Professionals at Fort Worth Tree Care Service. Our knowledge and experience caring for Texas Trees is unsurpassed! Trees are so essential to our daily life that for our own good as well as the trees', beneficial care is essential. Fort Worth Tree Care Service has maintained and preserved an impeccable reputation. Call Today for your Free Estimate. Beginning with that initial visit, our goal is to have you be a client for life. We guarantee you will agree the Outstanding Service, Quality Work, and Affordable Prices will be a pleasant surprise to you. We believe in old-fashioned ideals and giving honest, superior work. to you. Fort Worth Tree Care Service Arborists are fully insured and we carry all necessary credentials and certifications.

The beauty and scent of a healthy Magnolia tree is a true delight of the South. Many species have been developed that are not as large as some mature Magnolias and thus can fit into smaller properties comfortably.
Magnolias come in a variety of lovely colors and generally require space for their root system to be uninterrupted. It is important to leave the area around a Magnolia's trunk free of any other plants. Disturbing their roots by digging and tending to other plants will harm and possibly kill your Magnolia.
We are proud of our family owned and operated company. Each member is certified and skillful. Add to that dedication to their work and you have the Right company for your Tree Care!
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