Tree Fertilization

People depend on trees and trees depend on people. Trees have a natural habitat and that is the forest. In their natural environment, trees are fed ad nourished by decaying leaves, branches, trees, fallen trees, and decomposing matter. In urban and suburban neighborhoods "decomposing matter" is simply not desirable. It is considered messy and dangerous. Many weekends are spent removing this type "nourishment" out of our sight. Trees in our yards, therefore, depend on us to give them the vital nutrients they need to survive and flourish.
Fort Worth Tree Fertilization involves fertilizing the deep root system of a tree. This is the most essential area for nutrients and minerals. From our 30+ years of Tree Care (including fertilization), we have been able to develop the most effective fertilizers for maximum results.  Your trees will be healthier, more beautiful, and visibly thriving in their growth patterns with our systems of spraying and/or injection of proper nutrients where needed in your trees. Since every type of tree has its unique growth pattern and needs, they all require different methods of treatment. This is yet another area where the knowledge,experience, and practical wisdom Fort Worth Tree Service brings to your trees will benefit them for life.
Varying factors effect what type and when trees should be fertilized. Trees in a neighborhood, as opposed to their natural surroundings, are removed from their nutrient sources, as mentioned. In addition to that, they are planted into areas with compacted coil, large green lawns, numerous shrubs and plants, all vying with each other for the available nutrients and water. Toss in the mix root constriction, pavements, and exposure to weather extremes, no wonder trees can get stressed out! This stress results in poor growth, smaller, discolored foliage, and a vulnerability for insect infestations and diseases.
The good news is Fort Worth Tree Service realize all these complications our trees are undergoing and we know How to carefully help each tree species settle into its new environment and be at its best. The soil of the tree site is tested to ascertain which nutrients are lacking. Oaks, Pines, Crape Myrtles, Maples, Magnolia-all tree types and ages need custom fertilizers for their optimum health. Fort Worth Tree Fertilization Service has your trees' needs covered!  The Arborists with our Company in a sense spend their lives studying and acquiring information and know-how to enhance Tree Life. This is beneficial for everyone, since healthy trees promote a healthy environment for people.
Use the contact page or give Fort Worth Tree Service a call Today!  We will schedule your Free Estimate for the fertilizing of your glorious trees! You will see what a great, affordable investment in your family's "Castle!" and "Grounds" Tree Fertilization really is!

Fort Worth Tree Service
Arborist gauging the depth to water and fertilize.
Trees have an immense root system-taller and deeper than the portions above ground!

Meticulous tree assessment by our dedicated Arborists.
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