Tree Planting

Tree Planting is one of the best decisions you can make for your property.  Fort Worth Tree Service have Arborists and Certified Tree Care teams who are very enthusiastic about assisting clients in choosing the Right trees for your land, how best to position them, and making certain they receive the optimum care for health and growth.  Our nurseries are as dedicated to offering the choicest trees and plants as we are to planting and servicing your trees.
People plant trees for a variety of reasons, but did you realize just how sound a decision it is? Financially trees will save you money on heating and cooling costs when placed strategically around your home. Of course, they produce oxygen, actually reduce air pollution by lowering air temperature, and healthy trees can increase the value of your property by 15% or more!
Many of us though, plant trees for the sense of permanency they impart to a family-not to mention the beauty they add to any landscape. Trees also provide nests, food and shelter for dazzling songbirds in their countless variety! In addition, they fight global warming, so Tree Planting in Fort Worth is truly a responsible, smart decision.
The autumn of the year is a premium time to plant trees in Texas. Our winters are mild so roots are able to get a good start on growing and establishing themselves before the heat of summer returns. Some folks are concerned a freeze may kill their new tree. It is a good idea to cover any young tree parts above the ground, but our ground rarely gets cold enough for prolonged, extensive freezing, so roots should be fine. Getting a head start in the fall encourages vigorous new growth come springtime!
Our Arborists and Certified Tree Care Workers will help you determine the site for your trees, prepare the ground to receive it, (ensuring any unwanted insects or fungus, any enemies of the new tree are not present), and properly nestle the tree into its home for life.

Fort Worth Tree Planting Service also Transplant trees. Perhaps you are moving and have a tree you can't bear to leave behind-it can be brought along most likely. Of course, this is a very delicate, complex process. Extracting an established tree should be done with careful planning. Particular  times of the year are easier to transplant, for instance. Ground needs to be prepared ahead of time to receive the tree. Perhaps you have chosen trees from our tree farms. These must be dug up, which leaves roughly 50-60% of their root system in the ground. Again, fall is a good time to plant dug or transplanted trees, since the roots won't have to fight extreme heat to get water to extremities.
Container trees, dug up, or transplanted, Fort Worth Tree Service has decades of Professional, expert crews getting your trees safely in the ground. We follow up with all needed services to ensure the trees will thrive.
Keep in mind our Free Estimate when planning your project. This is a wonderful asset in letting you get your dreams going and knowing the cost minus any unpleasant shocks later. All work, purchases, and time frames are agreed on by you and clearly readable in our work contracts. You are going to be pleased with the affordability and quality our Company provides. Our goal is to have repeat clients for life and look forward to You being our next!
Call Today!  Fort Worth Tree Service.  Let's get planting!


What size tree are you interested in? Our trees range from small saplings to larger, maturing trees for more instant benefits.
And the selection is all-inclusive. We have any tree you desire at great prices! Or, let our Arborist help make the decision with you of the trees that fare best for your site.

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