Tree Spraying

Fort Worth Tree Spraying provides two-fold benefits to your Trees. Spraying acts as strong protectors against disease and insects, and also are effective in treating sickly trees and recapturing the vitality of your Trees.
Diseases and insect infestations are a constant possibility with any plant, not only Trees. It really does require a "pound of cure" if your trees have been attacked by insects or have developed some type of disease. Oftentimes, it is a lengthy, difficult task to regain the tree's health-if it's even possible. Some diseases and insect infestations can decimate a tree quickly!
Spraying trees against possible insect infestation and disease is a wonderful way to provide that "ounce of prevention."  Depending on what species of trees you have, we can treat it with solutions suitable for your tree. There is no "blanket product" for all trees. Each grow differently and are susceptible to varying threats. Our Arborists and Tree Care Experts concoct Sprays best suited to individual trees. This custom method provides the attention your trees need to keep or regain their beauty and vigor.
By far the wisest course of action is to spray trees Before problems are noticed. Deterrent sprays are applied to the trunk from the ground up to a height of 20 ft, or where the trunk narrows to 6 inches, whichever comes first. Pine trees are particularly benefited against Pine Bark Beetles when you use Fort Worth Tree Service to care for them.
Weather conditions need to be favorable for Tree Spraying. It is not to be done on excessively windy days for obvious reasons. Freezing conditions are not conducive to the spray adhering to the trunk. After application of the spray, at least two hours of dry weather is optimum for allowing the solution to completely dry.
Provide your Trees with the best possible, quality care. Call Fort Worth Tree Spraying Service Today! Our highly trained Experts will have them sprayed and protected efficiently and at an affordable price. You will be preserving your beautiful trees and avoiding the unsightly destruction of a tree overcome by bugs or rot-thereby requiring Removal. We are eager to assist you in this aspect of your Landscaping as in all aspects of Health and Beautification of your property!

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Insects have blighted this citrus tree-ruining the produce and possibly the whole tree!
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